How to make a small space look bigger?

how to make a small place look bigger

Today’s topic is how to make your room look bigger.

Use Mirrors

The first fairly cliché way to enlarge space is, of course, mirrors.
Please keep reading, I know it’s trivial,

You need to know how to use mirrors.
If we want to make any space look bigger, mirrors can definitely help.

However, you’ll have to place your mirrors in the right places.
Ot is quite important good to place the mirrors from the ceiling to the floor,
so that the lines go through. V

Dark Colors

There is already a post about black wall on my blog, you are welcome to read it. So I won’t repeat myself here.

But it’s about usi dark colours that will draw one wall in and move it,
because dark colours “absorb” and can “shift” different elements in our space.


On top of that, such a general rule of space design, to enlarge it,
is its order and harmony, and perspective.

This is achieved in such a way that we build lines.
These lines go through, the lines of doors go into the lines of cabinets,
the lines of the counter tops go into the lines of the desk, the lines of the table…

And as if we have this continuity preserved in space,
thanks to that we have cohesion.

We cannot divide, this is very important. We cannot divide. So we have one line going, it stands. We have a second line, a third line, a fourth line.

It creates chaos, it makes our gaze stop on that line and diminishes the space.


We can’t use too many colours either. Because colours just like those lines will divide the space, and we need to calm it down to give it breath.
Painting a piece of wall in one colour, a piece of wall in another colour,
and another wall in a different colour, will introduce such chaos and division, that the space will be overwhelming and will look smaller.
It is worth to use even the same colour in the interior

One wall

The rule is that we can decorate one wall somehow,
it can stand out somehow, it can be all over with pictures,
with medals, with some collection, with something that interests you,
but just one, just one!

It can be that accent wall with a darker color, for example,
or something that will “conquer” this wall, this collection of yours.
But only one wall, so that it creates just an accent,
and when we turn around, we have this perspective all the time.

That way it will be a little weighted down, it will step back,
and not create chaos in this whole interior and start to divide.

This is a very important principle of one wall.
Of course, without lighting, you can’t do without lighting.


Lighting is a very interesting topic, several videos need to be made on this topic.

But what is important for me when enlarging a space is that there should be many sources of different light, but such that would not divide the space, but would make it more coherent.

So rather in one color. I really like the 3000K color,
it is such a delicate color with a warm tint.

It is worth using it, and it is also worth not using lighting that divides a wall,
wall lamps, which have different dividing elements,
but rather creates a plane and rather illuminates planes.

If you want such small accents in a small space
If you want such small accents in a small space, these may be single lamps that create atmosphere, but not lighting that divides.


And the last but not least is the use of multifunctional furniture,
because there can never be too much furniture.

That is, in general, the reduction of furniture, which will show us more floor,
will deceive our eyes a little bit and it will seem that there is more space.
So we have to lift the element up, so that it doesn’t stand on the floor a lot,
and at the same time reduce the number of them and make them multifunctional.

For example: we have five chairs at the table, and instead of these five chairs we make
three chairs and instead we put a bench,
which is also a storage space because it can be opened.

We can move this bench later to the sofa and have a footstool.
And in this way we multiply the functions while reducing the furniture.
This will cause that we will have more order, but also more functionality of this interior.

I hope you will take all these ideas with you and make your spaces a little bit bigger

See you soon!

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