It is said that there is a story behind everything – our story begins with magic and as far as we know it ends with magic too. Long time ago – there was a girl who dreamt about being a fairy. She wanted every idea she had to spring with a wave of a magic wand. She could sit for hours imaging how it could be – when in a second she could make somebody’s dream come true: from thoughts to real scale object, from dress for her mum to house for her dad, from necklace for a friend to car for her brother. As she was getting older she discovered that fairies exist only in tales and there is no way to get the magic wand in the real world. It did not make her sad at all… being old enough she understood that without a magic wand she could still materialize her mind’s creations and see peoples smiles. There you have Cichocka with her „magical” talent trained at faculty of architecture – it’s time to smile!